Chloe Paddington bag

Chloe PaddingtonPaddington bag was the big hit and success of the Chloe accessories line few years ago.

The Paddington bag after its first presentation became the ultimate celebrity shoulder bag, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller were just some of the celebrities that owned quite a few Paddington bags.
Soon after the Paddington handbag launch in 2005 there were plenty of Chloe Paddington bag replicas around. The fake Chloe bag manufacturers were busy as everybody wanted to own their own Chloe Paddington bag that in the original version costed about 1,500 US dollars.

The success of the handbag was the bohemian style and the unstructured shape of the bag design. This all together with great choice of metallic details made the Chloe Paddington one of the IT bags of the time. Although now this gorgeous handbag is outshined by its younger sister - the Marcie bag - Chloe Paddington handbag still remains one of the successes of the Chloe fashion brand. Fans love the brand, love their designs and if you are betting on who will produce the next big hit in the market, then the money is on Chloe for sure. Also this fashion house is working hard to maintain its reputation in the handbag market.

This bag can be purchased online and as the big buzz about this purse has decreased there are good chances to buy discounted Paddington bag at reasonable price. Bags for sale might be one of the options where to find more information about the products of this fashion company.


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The Paddington and the Marcie

Aside from the Paddington, the Marcie is another Chloé original that has reached popularity.  The Marcie is unique because it’s a large leather satchel, with a top zip closure and a hidden interior pocket.  It’s made of leather and has a leather strap with a twist effect.  It also has a tassel zip pull, and its large size makes it very useful and flexible.

One of the most iconic Chloé handbags is the Paddington.  The Paddington is unique because of its heavy padlock and round handles.  It’s made of pebbled leather, and it’s shaped with rectangular details although the edges are rounded.  The popularity of the Paddington has caused many more Paddington designs to be produced.

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Chloe Bag Affordability

Chloé is a luxury fashion house, so it is to be expected that its products come with a price.  When you purchase Chloé handbags you’re paying for more than the handbag, because with the handbag comes the Chloé brand name.  As you purchase the handbag you’re also buying the status that comes along with it, and for this you have to pay a price.  To be able to afford these handbags, you can wait for the fashion houses to go on sale and offer them for a discounted price.  Alternatively, you can look for high quality replicas.  Finding Chloé replica bags that look exactly like the originals will give you the status that these original bags give their bearers.  If you manage to find a good replica that has the same quality and design as the original then you should waste no time and purchase it immediately.