Chloé history

French Label Chloé was established in 1952 and it was meant to be a different type of fashion company catering to those who dared not to comply with the high fashion demands. This was sort of the first ready to wear fashion label, when the haute couture became wearable by ordinary, stylish and also wealthy women.

Chloe has always attracted talented designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld (who was responsible for giving the Chloe brand the luxury appeal and status), also Stella McCartney has worked for Chloe, so has Phoebe Philo and today another talented designer from Great Britain - Hannah MacGibbon has been working for Chloe fashion brand to take it to new experiments.

Chloe Marcie bag
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Chloe brand sells apparel, handbags, perfumes and other accessories. Chloe handbags have been one of their bestsellers for years and the quality contemporary Chloe tote bags, satchels and also Chloe clutch bags can be purchased at high-end fashion department stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and some more fashion shops, including e-shops and e-boutiques for designer clothing and designer luxury handbags »

Chloé handbags

Chloe handbags are part of the Chloe success. These Chloe bags, after the success of the Chloe Paddington bag have been seen on numerous celebrity occasions, TV shows, featuring ads and being highly demanded by fashion women in general. So far Chloe Paddington bag is the IT bag of this French luxury brands, however also Marcie bag has received attention and is among coveted designer handbags, so is the Chloe Saskia bag and other Chloe tote bags, purses and clutch bags.

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How to spot Chloé bag replica

Replica Chloe bag is quite often encountered. And cheap Chloe bags online or discount Paddington bags in many cases are in fact replica Chloe bags. This happens often as replica bag market is after the most successful models of the luxury handbags. This website is to help you in fighting this and helping you to see the difference between replica Chloe Paddington and authentic Chloe bag.

LV Gucci Chloe replica bags

Always buy Chloe bags in Chloe stores or trusted e-boutiques. The ones selling used and new discount Chloe bags on internet in surprisingly many cases have been determined to be fake Chloe bags.
Check the color consistency of all metal details – they all should be the same. Stich work is well done on authentic Chloe bags and cannot be compared to the careless fake Chloe bag stitching. The seam on handles is facing outwards rather than inwards.  Also Chloe stamp on the lock is small, when the replica Chloe bags sometimes have large logos or printed names.
These are just some basic precautions and there are more ways to spot replica Chloe bag.